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The destination

The Olympios Zeus hotel is located in Plaka Litochoro, Pieria, a place where you can very easily combine the experiences of authentic Greek hospitality. The area is suitable for historical, cultural, environmental excursions, for mountain and sea activities or just for relaxing while gazing at the blue of the Aegean.

Home to the ancient Greek gods and muses, the area is geographically bordered by Mount Olympus, the Pieria Mountains, the Thermaic Gulf and the Aegean Sea. It is considered the most beautiful crossroad in Greece, where, under the imposing presence of the majestic Olympus and up until the clear blue waters of the Aegean with its golden arched shores, the fertile land of the gods, Pieria, stretches.

The earthy shades of the mountains, combined with the blue of the sea and the sky, compose the most beautiful picture that every visitor will cherish forever in their memory. Here, you can rebuild your strengths, away from the stress of everyday life and experience your dream vacation.

This is a gifted destination where travelers have the opportunity to indulge in sports activities such as canoeing, cycling, paragliding, climbing, hiking and climbing Mount Olympus through unique paths.

Pieria is also a wonderful tourist resort for those seeking a cosmopolitan style holiday with an intense nightlife, but also for those who want to relax with their families. Plaka of Litochoro, Leptokarya, Neoi Poroi, Platamonas, Makrigialos, Korinos and Skotina are just some of the area's famous beaches that have warm and crystal-clear waters. The ancient cities, the legendary castle of Platamonas with the beautiful view, the sites, the monasteries and the wetlands that are available for ecotourism activities, have the ability to "enchant" locals and every time as if it were the first.


  • Climb the highest mountain of Greece, magnificent and divine Olympus.
  • Admire the magical view of the Aegean Sea from Platamonas castle. It is worth attending a concert or a cultural event there during your stay
  • See up close the excavation finds exhibited in ancient Dion, place of worship of Olympian Zeus.
  • Visit the old church of Agios Panteleimonas for a walk, a lunch / dinner or a stay, and see the incredible view of the Pierian coastline from a height of 700 meters.
  • Walk in the Enipeas gorge and along the natural pools created by its waters. In summer you can actually swim there.
  • Go for swimming in the warm, crystal clear and blue waters on one of the golden sandy beaches of Pieria.
  • Watch the 170 bird species in the wetland of Nea Agathoupoli and Aliakmonas Delta at the north of Alykes Kytrous.
  • Explore the ruins of the fortress architecture and the impressive Tetrapyrgio [Four Towers] which are the only remains of ancient byzantine Pydna.
  • Go on a pilgrimage to the old monastery of Agios Dionysios that dates back to the 16th century and is built in the natural valley of two streams at an altitude of 900 meters.

Beaches beyond every expectation

Northern Pieria

Ai Giannis, Alyki Kytrous, Makrygialos, Methoni, Pydna

Ai Giannis is a picturesque bay hidden in verdant hills next to the well-organized beach of Makrygialos with the hills surrounding the sandy beach. Peace and a lot of natural shade can be found in the natural bay of Methoni and Nea Agathoupoli, while the beach of Pydna will give you a spectacular sight, as while swimming, you have the amazing view of the ruins of Byzantine fortifications standing near the beach. A kilometer below is the natural harbor of Alykes Kytrous, where you can swim next to the salt wetlands or have a mud bath in the natural mud pools of the area.

Central Pieria

Korinos, Paralia Katerinis, Olympiaki Akti

The coastline of Korinos with many kilometer-long beaches of shallow and blue-flag awarded waters stretches right next to Athos in the background, the bathers are fully relaxed and entertained in a gorgeous setting.

Southern Pieria

Variko, Gritsa, Plaka Litochorou, Leptokarya, Paralia Skotinas, Paralia Panteleimona, Platamonas, Neoi Poroi

In this part of Pieria, the sapphire-colored Aegean waters are a powerful challenge. The sun rises over the sea, paints the shores gold and reflects through the amazing shades countless emotions to the visitor. With comfortable and secure access, you cross an elongated coastline surrounded by gorges and pine trees and along the way, you meet a number of excellent tourist facilities.

They are the beautiful beaches of Olympus with their emerald waters and the wide golden sand. An oasis of life and beauty, a place of rejuvenation, a place of your dreams, that fills you with plenty of energy for an active life. A sandy beach with pebbles and shallow waters, Variko is suitable for families with young children.

Next in the coastline is the beach of Gritsa, a beautiful pebbly and sandy beach with crystal blue waters. Right afterwards you reach Plaka Litohorou, where the wide golden sand with rocks and pebbles is the hallmark. The emerald waters of Leptokarya, the golden sand at the beach of Skotina, the lush vegetation that characterizes Paralia Panteleimona [also Panteleimon Beach], the famous beach of Platamonas and Neoi Poroi are the wonderful seaside pieces that make up the intriguing puzzle of Pieria.